Andrea Dollet - LMT


I decided to become a massage therapist after an injury horseback riding. I would be out of the fitness industry for some time which is what I was doing at the time as well as being mom to my two daughters. 

I attended New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts and received my massage certification in June 2003. That was the beginning of the journey. I was committed to providing the healing properties of touch to my clients. 

Being involved in the fitness industry I was immediately pulled to sports massage and the deeper modalities. 

I took continuing Education classes and added Thai Yoga Massage to that list of modalities useful to couch potatoes and athletes alike. I love being able to use my body while helping others relax and heal. I much prefer being the giver than the receiver. It is always a satisfying feeling to have helped ease someone's body and mind. By putting the body in a relaxed state whether it be through meditation, deep tissue, Swedish massage or any other type of massage we, as therapists, can help with the difficult amount of stress that most of our clients feel daily. 

Several years ago I decided that I wanted to add another direction to my path. I had been participating in the Pan Mass Challenge and wanted to do more to help those battling cancer. I took Tracey Waltons Massage for Cancer workshop. It brought me such a complete feeling to do this kind of work. I immediately followed thru with lymphedema training as this seemed to be a natural progression when I saw what women especially went through after overcoming the difficult treatment protocols for breath cancer and then ending up with the lifelong management of lymphedema. That was when I came to Body Destinations. The opportunity to work with this population was presented to me and I haven't turned back. Having a home like Body Destinations to do what I love is a gift. 

Personally I love to be active. I still teach group fitness and aerial classes (think circus). I will travel anywhere and love any thrilling experiences (bungying, sky diving). I have a condo full of pets and a wonderful husband who married his zombie bride. I'm covered with artwork and you can never be sure what color my hair is on any given day. But on the inside...I Am Andrea.

Andrea joined Body Destinations Oncology team in 2013 to provide integrative therapies both at the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital as well as at our clinic in Tyngsboro. In addition to completing advanced training in oncology massage, she recently completed her training at Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy, CDT, MLD to provide our oncology patients excellent care. She is a time and confidentiality sensitive results oriented team player focused on individual wellness, preventive and ongoing muscle therapy through personalized treatment plans.

We are blessed to have Andrea join our team with over 10+ years of experience in the integrative therapies in the area of sport, Thai massage, decongestive therapy, and reflexology in support of the well-being and health of our oncology patients. Among her credentials are: New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts, CMT; Bachelor of Arts, Regis College; Member AMTA, NCBTMB; and Red Cross CPR.