Our Oncology Program

Your patients have expressed an interest in participating in a special program provided by Body Destinations in partnership with The Cancer Center at Lowell General. Our specialized program offers your patients therapeutic massage during the course of their cancer treatment. At Body Destinations, we pride ourselves on our standards of care and expertise. Here is a detailing of common cautions & considerations used when working with patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Body Destinations was established in 2000 and is located in the heart of Tyngsboro. Our professional staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the massage therapy field. Our principle focus is treating the whole person with an open-minded approach that focus on each individual in a caring, comprehensive and coordinated manner. Our programs are intended as an extension not a substitution for traditional medical care. With the goal of maximizing our client’s chances for maintaining or re-establishing the gift of a healthy life, we have utilized the highest standards of service for thousands of clients, maintaining focus on individual special needs.

Body Destinations Techniques

In conventional massage therapy, kneading and stroking techniques are used to apply compression to the tissues through the use of the hands. The range of pressure can vary, from simple moving of the skin (similar to lotioning) to deeper complex muscular work. Passive stretching and range of motion techniques may also be implemented during a session depending on the clients needs.

Common Adaptations for Clients in Cancer Treatment

Adaptations utilized due to the wide range of treatments each patient may have received, including areas affected by surgery, radiation therapy, IV’s, drains, skin conditions, pain, and edema or bone involvement. Those areas will be avoided by the massage therapist and are to be clearly addressed prior to each session.


In the case of any nodal involvement with the risk of lymphedema, no pressure will be applied on the distal extremity and with only the gentle use of pressure on the trunk quadrant (if needed, the limb will be elevated during session).

Low Platelet Levels

Since easy bruising occurs the use of gentle strokes that displaces the skin and other superficial tissues shall be applied (no deep muscle layers).

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